What does a Sideways School educator do?


​- Locate areas that allow for active collaborative play, where children can take risks and challenge themselves and each other. 


- Build a relationship of trust and love with each child, and foster cohesion and caring within the group.

- Closely observe what children communicate through their behavior and support them in areas of need.

- Follow where children's curiosity leads and extend learning in areas of interest.

- Collaborate with families to ensure individualized support, and share observations through photos and narrative. 

Serena L. Krombach, MA, MSEd, Director/Educator 

I’m a certified Special and General Education teacher and have worked in preschools and elementary schools for close to a decade. In 2020 I started teaching in nature's classroom—where the likelihood of Covid-19 transmission is small, but the possibilities for child-led learning are endless! My teaching is most influenced by the Bank Street developmental-interaction approach, but I also draw from other progressive education movements such as Reggio Emilia and Forest School. 


I believe that education is a partnership between parents and teachers, and I'm both: My two children are teenagers, so I've lived through—and somehow survived—every parenting stage before this one! I know that parents need flexibility and understanding above all, so these are the bedrock of every relationship I form with all the families I'm lucky to get to know.


I love the city—I grew up in Manhattan and have lived in Brooklyn since my kids were born. But I've spent a lot of my life in the Vermont mountains and woods, hiking, skiing, and exploring. Fun facts: I am not at all squeamish about bugs, and I'm always happy to get my hands dirty!

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